Flight Replicas Me-262 now Flight Simulator X compatible

August 23, 2007

Flight Replicas have updated their Me-262. The add-on is now Flight Simulator X compatible and has increased Virtual Cockpit functionality.

frep0823 Michael Flahault, owner of Flight Replicas has released his stunning Me-262 Schwalbe for FSX. The Me-262 is one of the most acclaimed WWII fighters in history. Its turbojet engines, sweptback wings, tricycle landing gear, and four 30mm cannon armament made it one of the deadliest aircraft to fly the skies of WWII. Had it not been for Hitler’s decision to misuse the Me-262 as a bomber, most historians agree that had the Me-262 been applied as a fighter as it was designed, the course of the war would have been greatly changed. Luckily for the allies and the free world the decision to use the Me-262 as a fighter came too late in the war to stop the allied victory.

Now you have the chance to fly this remarkable aircraft in Flight Replicas’s beautiful rendition of the first combat jet aircraft ever.

Features Include:

  • Five highly detailed models that include rocket and droptank versions
  • Eight highly detailed and historic paint schemes
  • Highly accurate VC with stunning 3D gauges.
  • Custom flight dynamics that portray this aircrafts attributes accurately.
  • Revi16B gunsight folds accurately out of the way and can be turned on and off.
  • Droppable Drop Tanks, that remove weight and fuel from the aircraft.cfg
  • Vintage pilot with accurate pilot flight suit and flight helmet
  • Detailed animations such as the moving exhaust cones and gear sequences

You can purchase the Flight Replicas Me-262 from the FlightSim Pilot Shop.

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