DreamScenery Releases Indianapolis X

December 29, 2007

DreamScenery has releaseed their Indianapolis X scenery for Flight Simulator X:

dreamscenery indianapolis x

This new scenery for FSX, brings the area of Indianapolis to life in your simulator, in such a way that you won’t believe your eyes.

There are literally thousands of details to be discovered all around the city. This is thanks to the large size of the scenery; as well as to the number of featured details, that range from monumental structures, like skyscrapers, to the smallest ones ever imagined. With Dreamscenery Indianapolis X you have the chance to spend hours or even days, visiting over and over this area and always discover something new.

Another fact that makes this scenery look so realistic is the high quality of its features. For example, all the hundreds of custom made buildings, have been created with photoreal textures. Moreover, after exhaustive researches made on each one of them, they reached a level of reality that will make you think you are visiting its real life counterpart.

Since we consider the Indianapolis International Airport (KIND) part of the scenery as the most important one (don’t forget that KIND is where your plane will land); we placed special emphasis on its representation, as never done before. This way, you are going to experience KIND as if you really are there; so much that the only thing you will be able to say is, that this place…is really alive. More on this in the features list.

Another point worth of mention, is the fact that Dreamscenery Indianapolis X is highly customizable, in such a way that you will be able to control how the scenery looks; match the capabilities of your system and get a better performance. Thus, thanks to the Dreamscenery Display Options application that comes along with the scenery you have the chance to set up which details and features you want to be rendered, as well as the number of them and quality. For example you can choose between having the airport parking lots with parked cars or not; or if the depicted Airport Garage Building will be the textured one, or the 3D one with its interiors also rendered. So, the number of configurations go up to hundreds of possibilities.

Finally, this scenery represents a huge improvement and upgrade over its predecessors Indianapolis 2005 and KIND 2006; as well as over anything it’s provided by the default FSX for this area.

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