Electronic Flight Bag for FSX

March 4, 2007

FSWidgets have released the Flight Simulator X version of their Electronic Flight Bag:

The EFBFSX (for Flight Simulator X) has been released and is ready for download. FSX users can now enjoy the benefits of a paperless cockpit. As with all our software, the EFBFSX is available as a free, fully-working time-limited demo. Networking capability (via SimConnect) is also included and requires the Deluxe Version of FSX.

The EFBFSX is a very handy addition to the modern cockpit which virtually does away with the need for paper charts and other physical copies of documents such as aircraft operating manuals, performance data, approach charts and checklists.

It also includes a moving map, audio checklist support, ability to connect to real-time weather and other online resources. It will also display the FSX NAV log for the currently loaded flight plan.

Some of the features include:

  • Moving Map with BMP/XML and NOS/GEO Chart Support
  • PDF Approach Charts support (via Adobe Reader 7/8)
  • JPG/BMP Approach Chart support
  • PDF Aircraft Manual support (via Adobe Reader 7/8)
  • HTM Aircraft Reference Material Support
  • Checklists (includes audio “heads-up” checklist support)
  • Connects to real-time online weather resources (e.g. Doppler Radar)
  • Connects to web-based online resources (e.g. METARS, TAF)
  • Displays the NAV log for the currently loaded FSX flight plan
  • Module-based and not a gauge so will work with any aircraft and any panel
  • No changes or modifications to panel.cfg or aircraft.cfg files necessary
  • Free time-limited demo

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