AvSimMap II – Moving Map for X-Plane with airspace depiction

September 29, 2009

AvSimMap IIAvSimMap II – a moving navigation map similar to the map found in the Garmin G1000, G900, G500, G600, GPSMAP 396, GPSMAP 496, GPSMAP 696, or Avidyne Entegra – is now available for Windows X-Plane users.

AvSimMap II can dramatically improve your situational awareness while flying with X-Plane. This is a generic product, so it can be used with any aircraft.

AvSimMap II contains the following map features found nowhere else on a moving map for X-Plane:

  • X-Plane FMS Flight plan including magenta active leg
  • Cursor to pan the map
  • Screen brightness control
  • Terrain (toggle ON or OFF)
  • North UP or Heading UP option
  • 360° and 120° Arc navigation ring
  • Class B, C, D and E Airspace
  • Restricted and MOA airspace
  • Airport, VOR, VORTAC, VOR/DME, NDB, and Intersections
  • Low level airways
  • Major Highways
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Obstacles with height labels
  • State and Political Boundaries
  • Range control
  • Declutter
  • Heading, Track, ground speed, wind and outside air temperature
  • Combine AvSimMap II with an analogue panel using Instrument Builder. Make a request by email, and we will attempt to combine any of the prefabricated panels with AvSimMap.

They’re offering a special promotional price at the moment, but you’ll have to be quick, as it ends on September 30th.

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